Kimono rental & photoshooting packages Taking commemorative photos in the shop☆

  • 福岡着物レンタル スタンダードプラン
    Standard Plan2,980 yen

    Kimono of Choice from the Standard Plan Basic hair styling + a hair ornament (If you have short hair, you can select a short-hair ornament from the basic hair styling set Other items :bag,geta clogs

  • 福岡着物レンタル スペシャルプラン
    Special Plan4,980 yen

    In addition to the Kimono of Choice in Standard Plan, you can also choose fine kimono with stylish pattern Basic hair styling + a hair ornament+ 2 hair accessories (If you have short hair, you can select 2 short-hair ornament from the basic hair styling set Other items :bag,geta clogs,kimono accessories

  • 福岡着物レンタル カップルプラン
    Couples Plan5460 yen / 7460 yen

    7,460 yen The plan for women is 「Special Plan」. 5,000 yen The plan for women is 「Standard Plan」. Both plans for men are「Standard Plan」"

  • 福岡着物レンタル 持ち込みプラン
    Bring Your Own Kimono Plan1,980 yen

    For those who have your own Kimono and Kimono sash belt, we will put on the Kimono for you. (You can bring your hair ornaments and geta clogs. If you wish to rent any of the items, it costs 500 yen per item)

Rental hour
Please return by 18:00. Please opt the Return the Day After plan (980yen) for late return.
  • 福岡着物レンタル ヘアスタイル有料オプション

    Hair Styling Pay Option Perfect Hair Styling Plan 1,500yen1,500円

    We will propose a hair style that matches your Kimono of choice.

  • 福岡着物レンタル 小物レンタル

    Other rental items 500~1,000 yen

    Recommended for those who wish to further enhance kimono-wearing experience each item 500~1,000yen. Umbrellas and hair accessories are available. Many accessories that will bring your Kimono-wearing experience to a next level..

  • 福岡着物レンタル 翌日返却プラン

    Return the Day After Plan Strongly recommended for those who wish to spend longer time in sightseeing980 yen.

    For those who do not manage to return the Kimono on time, you can extend the kimono rental until 11:00 the next day by signing up this plan.



1.Take Fukuoka City Subway to ""Ohorikoen""(大濠公園)"" Sta. from FUKUOKA Airport ,HAKATA Sta. or Tenjin Sta.
*From FUKUOKA Airport to Ohorikoen(大濠公園)Sta. (15minutes)
*From HAKATA Sta. to Ohorikoen(大濠公園)Sta. (9minutes)
*Tenjin Sta. to Ohorikoen(大濠公園)Sta. (4minutes)
2.Leave from Exit 4 of Ohorikoen ""Sta.
3.After that, go staraight until at the intersection ""Otemon 3cho-me(大手門3丁目)""
4.Turn left at the intersection ""Otemon 3cho-me(大手門3丁目)""
5. You can find KIMONO Challenge on your right side:D

Business hours:9:00~20:00 Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 9:00~20:00
Company:korakubiyori LLC